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        Brief introduction of JJE

        Jiangsu Jinyang Energy & Environment Engineering CO.,LTD is jointly funded by Jinyang Group, NITCHITSU CO.,LTD JAPAN and ROTHEMÜHLE CO., GERMANY. ROTHEMÜHLE is JJE’s technical support.



        Founded date:2000

        Total investment: 1900000 USD


        Rothemuhle is a professional manufactory which produce heat exchanger,dust collector and air pollution control equipments.  




        founded date: 1936

        location: nearby Olpe Wenden




        Rothemühle History 罗特米勒发展史

        • 1936 Foundation of the Company APPARATEBAU ROTHEMUEHLE 成立APPARATEBAU ROTHEMUEHLE公司 Manufacture of Plate Type Air Heaters and Ductwork 生产板式空气预热器和烟风道
        • 1938 Manufacture of Centrifugal Fan and Dust Collectors 生产离心式风机和除尘器
        • 1951 Flue Gas Electrostatic Precipitator manufacture 生产电除尘器
        • 1953 Development of the ROTHEMUEHLE Regenerative Air Preheater with stationary heating element 成功开发罗特米勒风罩转再生式空气预热器
        • 1964 The 100t/h Electrostatic Precipitator as well as 100t/h Air Preheater are built
        • 1968 Foundation of the LUGAT AG / Compact Regenerative Air Preheaters
        • 1974 Largest Air Preheater, 18m diameter and 1200t 空气预热器最大直径为18米,重1200吨
        • 1976 25 Licensees and partners worldwide 全球有25家技术转让方和合作方
        • 1978 Regenerative Gas/Gas Heaters for FGD and DeNOx Plants 再生式烟气-烟气加热器交付
        • 1982 Commissioning of the first Bag Filter 1986 50 Years Technology for Energy and the Environment
        • 1987 Modular-Type Electrostatic Precipitator for smaller flue gas flows
        • 1988 Largest Regenerative Gas/Gas Heater, 19.5m diameter and 1600t 烟气换热器最大直径为19.5米,重1600吨
        • 1989 Commissioning of the First Heat Displacement System
        • 1990 Reunification of Germany; the ROTHEMUEHLE branch office in the former GDR moves from Halle to Leipzig
        • 1994 Approval certicificate for the ROTHEMUEHLE Quality System in line with DIN EN ISO 9001:9004 质保体系取得DIN EN ISO 9001:9004认证资格
        • 1996 Take over of the WALTHER AG, Cologne 兼并WALTHER AG Foundation of ROTHEMUEHLE POLSKA in WARSAW 在华沙成立ROTHEMUEHLE POLSKA 公司
        • 1997 Take over of the BWE Energietechnik GmbH, Duesseldorf 兼并 都塞道夫的BWE 德国公司 2000ROTHEMUEHLE merged to the HAMON Group 罗特米勒加入HAMON集团
        • 2000 Set up a joint-venture: JJE
        • 在中国与江苏金羊集团、日窒股份公司成立 三方合资公司:金羊能源----JJE



        Nitchitsu produces a series of machinery equipments for power plants,shipyard,steel plants.

        Nitchitsu is a listed company, stock NO. 7021.



        founded date: 1950

        location: Matsuura Nagasaki



        Production capacity and employees


        • Annual production capacity: 30 sets heat exchangers
        • Total employee: 180
        • Technician:28
        • Inspector:12
        • Installation guide staff:8






        Jiangsu Jinyang Energy & Environment Engineering CO.,LTD